In PARAGRAPHS menu you will find a program that will allow you to mix the paragraphs of a text you have selected for yourself. Then you will try to reconstruct it from memory as well as by analysing the content of the paragraphs.

In " Paragraphs Align right " you have the same program as the previous one except that this time you can work with texts in Arabic and other languages reading right .

Enigma: this program is made for you to play with a short text of your choice. You'll have to manage your credit score while playing the game. That is, this time you will have to decode a text of hidden words ... If necessary, you can ask for additional information : vowels , initials, mixed letters...

Playing the PUZZLE game you will also work with a short text of your choice. This time the words of the text appear mixed. It's for you to rebuild it by clicking on them in the right order.

The Multiple Choice Text is a further variant of the previous programs. Yet, another way of learning a shorter text. Behind each hidden word you will find 4 words from which you'll have to choose the one you think to be appropriate at that point ..

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